Aft. Eng. Rm.

 PHOTOS BELOW: Top left: HP Turbine.  Top right: Reduction Gears.  Middle left: Electrical Switch Board.  Middle right: Auxillary Evaporators.  Bottom left: Records Desk.  Bottom right: Throttle Board.


2 Responses to Aft. Eng. Rm.

  1. Joe Scalia says:

    Thanks for the mems. Joe Scalia 1956-1960

    • JUNIOR says:

      Hi Joe,
      I remember you!!! How are you doing these days? I’m the new “Ship’s Writer” for the Hyman Association’s “Hyman Newsletter.”
      If you’re not a member, you should be. Annual dues are only $15.00, and that includes the quarterly news Letter. If you would
      like to join, you can fill out the short application on the Association’s web site at You probably
      remember Jim “Duck” Donaldson. He’s been a member for many years, and John Dwyer just recently joined. Good to hear from you
      again. Cheers. “Junior”

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