Crossing the International date line. R.J. Richardson is on the far right.


My dad (now 85) was on the Hyman in 1945. I have some photos and would also like to sign him up with the ships log. He was RJ Acheson Seaman First Class V-6. I also know of one other shipmate that is still living from the 1945 cruse. I live in Branson, MO and would like to attend the reunion. My dad is in poor health and will not be able to attend.

How can I sign him and his buddy on the ships log?


Jim Acheson

This is from my dad’s Hyman photo book. The first picture is an initiation while crossing the international data line in the Pacific aboard the Hyman. RJ Acheson is the person to the far right standing above the crowd. The second picture is my dad and another shipmate just release at the wars end. His name is Noel Hughes. He now lives in Kansas City, MO. The 3rd photo is in occupied Japan at wars end.

 You can post these if you like.


Jim Acheson

Hi Jim,

Thanks for writing, and glad to hear your dad is hanging in there at 85 years old. I have forwarded your letters to the USS Hyman Association folks for processing. I’m sure they can use the photos on the Association’s web site, as I will on the Hyman Snipes Site.

You caught me right in the middle of updating the Hyman Snipes site, so your photos came at an opportune time. I will be sending out notifications of the updated site after the Branson reunion next month, so I can include any photos/stories from members about the reunion. Unfortunately, I will be unable to make this reunion, but hope to make the next one in 2014. Cheers. Jim “Junior” Crawford MMl, (1954-1958)

(P.S. The Hyman Snipes site was initially set up for Hyman Snipes, but now includes anyone in any rating that served aboard ship for any amount of time.)



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