Hi Junior,

     My name is Arnold Rodgers better known on the Hyman as “ROY”. I served on the Hyman from October 1950- late 1953. I had just made MM2 when I transfered to the USS Rooks DD804 awaiting discharge in May 1954, while the Hyman went to the Med. again.
I was assigned to the fwd engine room and stood watches with my good friend Carlos Cellucci. Yes we made the world cruise together in ’51 and ’52 and served in Korea. In Wonsan, the fwd engine room throtle was my GQ station and I remember the day we were hit on the stardoard side rail near the torpedo shack, just above the fwd engine room. I remember the explosion and the ringing in my ears. I remember looking around the engine room and could not see anyone, and the feeling I was alone. Soon, I saw chief Miller’s head appear and was much relieved. The bridge called for flank speed and I answeared the bell. I remember going up on deck after the all clear and seeing holes in the stacks where shrapnel struck. I was 19 at the time.
Those memories are so vived and I probably could write a book about that cruise alone. I recently received a call from another good friend and shipmate, Linwood Newell, telling me about your web sight. I was sad to hear about Carlos death. He was a great friend. The Hyman went into Boston navy yard in June 1952 and Carlos bought a used Indian Motorcycle. He invited me to ride double with him from Boston to Bridgeport, CT where another shipmate, Ed Dubord lived. After a couple of breakdowns and a couple of long walks we arrived at Dubords home and it was dark and raining. Carlos said, “stay on, I’ll take you into the driveway”. He ripped across the road to the left, hit the next door neighbors hedge which had a rock in it and threw me off into the middle of the yard. I got up, brushed off the mud, greeted the Duboard family and spent the week end while Carlos went on to NJ.
I have some great memories. That same month I met my wife Ellen when another Hyman shipmate, Harold Gregor who lived in Saugas, MA, had a friend who fixed me up. That was June 4th and we were married Aug 1st 1952. We celebrated our 59th anniversary this past Aug.
Some of the other snipes that I remember may have been there when you were there: Walter Brazel, Morly Clapp, Jack Edgell, Morris Klentworth, John Lamb, Harry Shoeller, Bob Nielson, Richard Newkirk, Chief Alfred Miller, Joe Stratton, Richard Morey, Joe Favuzza, Kenneth Luebke. John Fritzman, Francis Fleming I could go on. The only former shipmates I’m still in touch with is Lindy Newell and Harold Gregor.
I would love to hear from you. I live in Dunnellon, FL and I’m a Hyman 732 Asso. member. I retired from Anheuser Busch in 1991. I’ll turn 80 on Oct 5th. I’m still in pretty good health thank God.
Smooth Sailing,
Arnie Rodgers


I am a 77 year old retired Northrop-Grumman Corp. Facilities Engineer. I worked at Northrop's Pico Rivera and Palmdale facilities for a total of 13 years, and retired 1n 1995. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 54 fantastic years, and we have 3 excellent children (all boys) 7 wonderful grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. My hobbies are playing the piano (actually, more like learning HOW to play the piano) and restoring a 1937 Plymouth, although sadly, I have made very little progress on it in recent years. I drove road race go-karts until the age of 71. I never grew up, I just got old.
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2 Responses to ARNIE RODGERS (ROY) MM2 1950-1953

  1. Bill Thompson says:

    Hi there! I was on the Hyman from 52 to 56 . I was a bosun mate. I did a tour in the Mediterenean and in Northern Europe. I really enjoyed life abord ship.

  2. ed dubord says:

    hi arnold remember me ed dubord i now live in orange texas moved here in 1976 hope this find you and your family well i am going to be 82 in july in fairly good health i really enjoyed my time aboard the hyman bye for now ed

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