As a young lad in the Navy in 1955, I had wanted a genuine Levi jacket for a long time, but couldn’t afford one.  After some time, I finally saved up enough money (probably around $5.00) to buy one.  I was really proud of that jacket and wore it all the time.  (A photo of me wearing it, standing alongside Bob Eckert in the forward engine room, is on the “Engine Room Snipes” page.)  One day while we were taking on fuel oil at sea, the fuel hose burst and soaked me and several others from head to toe with fuel oil.

      I figured the best way to clean it was to put it in a mesh bag, tie the bag to a rope, and drag the bag with the jacket behind the ship.  I would check it every few minutes to see if the salt water was removing the oil, and it seemed to be working.  When I pulled it in after my fourth or fifth inspection, it was gone, bag and all. 

     To this day, I don’t know if my trusted, authentic Navy knot came untied, or if some wise ass untied it, or if a hungry shark mistook it for a fish.      Junior



I am a 77 year old retired Northrop-Grumman Corp. Facilities Engineer. I worked at Northrop's Pico Rivera and Palmdale facilities for a total of 13 years, and retired 1n 1995. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 54 fantastic years, and we have 3 excellent children (all boys) 7 wonderful grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. My hobbies are playing the piano (actually, more like learning HOW to play the piano) and restoring a 1937 Plymouth, although sadly, I have made very little progress on it in recent years. I drove road race go-karts until the age of 71. I never grew up, I just got old.
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